Friday, March 18, 2011


Given that we are suppose to have a system of relatively open government here in Wales, WAG seems keen not to divulge certain pieces of information to the general public.
For example, there has been much mystery surrounding the membership of the new Council for Economic Renewal which, according to WAG, was supposed to be a "fresh start" and which shouldn't be "a simple re-hash the former Business Partnership Council".

So where are the details of the council? Who sits on this new dynamic body?

Well, unfortunately, there is no information anywhere on the WAG website although we are promised that the minutes will be available by the end of March.

However, the little information I have been able to glean from our democratic body suggests that, despite a bright new dawn being promised, the membership is exactly the same i.e. the minimum legal requirement of 14 external members (5 each from Business Wales and Wales TUC and 2 from Social Enterprise in addition to the Chairs of the DET Ministerial Advisory Group and the Wales Employment and Skills Board).

Also, as with the BPC, membership can be broader than that represented by the minimum legal requirement and the new Council can draw from the widest and best range of knowledge and experience. So no change there either.

Anyway, judge for yourselves as there is a list of the individuals and organisations who have attended the meetings of the Council for Economic Renewal held in December 2010 and March 2011.

  • John Bennet Wales Social Enterprise Coalition
  • Nick Blundel UCATT
  • Paul Byard Engineering Employers Forum
  • Nia Davies FSB
  • John Harper RICS
  • Richard Houdmont CIM
  • Richard Jenkins FMB
  • Russell Lawson FSB
  • David Lermon ICAEW
  • Bob Macey IoD
  • Martin Mansfield Wales TUC
  • Mick McGuire CML
  • David Morgan RICS
  • Graham Morgan Chamber Wales
  • Paul O’Shea Unison
  • John Phillips GMB
  • Richard Price Home Builders Federation
  • Non Rhys Chair of Business Wales
  • David Rosser CBI Wales
  • David Russ Chamber Wales
  • Derek Walker Wales Co-op
  • Sian Wiblin Wales TUC
  • John Burgham Unite
  • Ben Cottam Chair of Business Wales
  • Pam Drake GMB
  • Robert Lloyd Griffiths IoD
  • Peter Hughes CML Cymru
  • Nick Payne RHA
  • Nigel Keane WSPU
  • Heather Eason WSPU