Monday, August 31, 2009

Disney Buys Super Heroes and The rest from Marvel Comics

Marvel Comics, the creator of comic book legends such as the X-Men, Spider-Man, and the other 5000 super heroes and evil doers, will be part of the Mickey Mouse family. That's right, Disney has acquired the rights of the Marvel Comic Book Characters and it only cost them 4 Billion dollars. That comes to just under a million dollars a character. Though obviously the value of each character varies considerably.

It is no wonder these marvel comic movies have been coming out by the cluster and in record time over the past few years. I honestly think that all the block buster hits hitting the big screen falsely increases the perceived value. The earnings potential, over the next decade or less, may be over estimated. None the less this is still an excellent buy for Mickey and the Disney Family for the long term.

I think another issue this brings up is the flood of weird financial garage sales of "name and labels" even Dow Jones Industrial Average is up for grabs. That just seems insane.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Ben Bernanke to serve another term as the Chairmen of the Federal Reserve

August 2009

President Obama interrupted his vacation this late August to publicly announce that he is appointing Ben Bernanke to serve another term as the Chairmen of the Federal Reserve.

Obama did not shy from elaborating on his reasoning or feeling towards Ben Bernanke's work, He had more then enough praise for the current and future Chairmen of the Federal Reserve to hold a few press conferences. Obama was sure to lay claim to the fact that it was bernanke's extraordinary effort, quick and innovative thinking and problem solving that prevented the American Economy from spiraling down into a second great depression.

Congratulations to Ben Bernanke on his appointment to serve a second term as the Chairmen of the Federal Reserve. Let us all support his efforts to steer us back on the road to financial prosperity and away from that horrible world of foreclosure and mortgage default.