Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Big Money Put Up by Ad-Networks and Tech Firms

For the most part tech firms and the tech industry as a collective whole are used to seeing rising tides of cash and spending from businesses large and small. This has held true over the short history of the existence of the mainstream tech industries and tech firms. Of course we all remember the tech bubble but that and the recent economic turmoil that we have all suffered through on planet Earth has been the only down side.

Yahoo is spending big bucks to capture the attention of marketers and advertisers. From what I can gather from such sources as IDC, Method Inc., and the Wall Street Journal, it looks as if Yahoo will be committing 100 million or so dollars in aid to their efforts. I wonder if the notion that they will not have to spend on  search engine research and development has some motive behind this since they are still "use to" the financial burden.

I personally think that they should focus on a publishers network separate from search. Yahoo is, but suspiciously slowly if you ask me.

Others spending include... well almost everyone such as Microsoft's 300 million, Google is in on the action and I have even noticed a sharp increase in their own ads on their own ad network.

The motive to rush out and expedite the ad dollars is the tech industry's assumption that the spending is coming back and everyone wants to be front and center as it comes time for these penny pinching firms to unleash the cash that has been sitting on the sidelines.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Interesting Quarterly Results Announced By Yahoo

Yahoo, a Internet search engine, advertising, and content provider, announced some very interesting results for their quarterly earnings.

Here are some Highlights From Yahoo's Quarterly Earnings:

  • For starters, some bad news, revenues were down 12% (to 1.54 billion) compared to the same quarter last year.
  • Earnings However, some great news, tripled up more then 300% to 186 million approximately or .13 cents a share. That compared to 4 cents a share.

So you may be asking yourself how is that even possible given that revenue was down so steeply? Well the answer in short is simple, at least in my opinion. I believe the shift in management is 100% of the efficiency and effectiveness of the operations and business model improvements which I also suspect has just begun. More specifically the brains behind all this is none other then Carol Bartz.

Ms. Bartz is a proven CEO who was made Yahoo's Chief Executive at the start of the year. I can only imagine her first reactions to the horrifying mess and chaotic operations model of the Internet giant in early January. But being the dignified all business executive that she is it seems as if she is whipping yahoo operations into shape. She has been cutting expenses left and right. She is selling parts of yahoo that don't fit the overall corporate objectives and model. Carol seems determined, and I see no signs of her stopping, as she will drop kick anything or anyone who stands in the way (inside joke).

On another note i wanted to let all my readers know that I am working on a article about the search advertising agreement between Yahoo and Microsoft's Bing.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Bank of America Posts a Loss for the Quarter

The North Carolina based lender Bank of America posted a billion dollar loss for the last earnings quarter. This perhaps may not sound surprising to many but if you consider that Citi posted a profit and Goldman Sachs was confused when someone mentioned something about a recession...ha.

But seriously Goldman Sachs is right back on top posting some real impressive numbers.

Here is the thing that really gets me... Lewis retiring? Just doesn't add up to me. I know the guy... he has never considered not working, he was made for this stuff. I mean the guy came into the Bank at a entry level job and works his way up to the top and next thing you know half of all American Homeowners have a bank account with Bank of America, literally.

Now I have zero proof or even a perspective motive of deceit but I really think things got messed up over there on the top floor amongst all that beautiful furniture that he got in all that trouble for buying.

Something has to be up.

Or perhaps he is really just in risk management mode because he can smell the anger coming from the American people and he knows that even if he turned out be Santa in disguise he is still a public target. A scape goat of the highest pedigree. Lord knows the government wouldn't take a lick of blame for any reckless or neglectful actions that may have adversely effected the American economy or anything near main street even if they had some sort of driving force in the matter.

who knows... But I will say this, he is not just wanting to call it quits. He may be in trouble or he may just want to say "see I told ya, you shouldn't have given me any crap" (not a real quote). Because I know one thing for absolute truth... No one can handle that job to anywhere close to the level of Lewis.

No One.


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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Obama Loan Modification - From 1 to 500,000 Mortgage Modifications

The Obama Loan Modification program known as the making home affordable plan has been a success! Mortgage Lenders finally got the hint from President Obama and his administration, They are now clearly headed in the right direction and offering Homeowner Hope to those in financial distress.

Large lending institutions such as Saxon, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, and many others have really cam through this last month or so and have done their part in America's collective effort to Make Home Affordable by restructuring Home Mortgage loans under the Obama specified guide lines. In fact the mortgage lenders have even one upped Obama by completing the goal of 500,000 loan modifications by November 1st. They completed this feat with ease and plenty of time to spare as of early this month on October 6th.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Australia Interest Rates Increased - Stock Market Soars

Australia raised their interest rates or rather the cost to borrow money. Investors took this as a sign of hope and the stock market rallied on the news release of Australia's interest rate hike.

Why does the Interest Rate Increase Executed by the Reserve Bank of Australia Boost Investor Confidence and Hopes of Recovery?

If the derived confidence from this seemingly rise in cost to do business in the world of borrowing money seems a bit bizarre or counter intuitive you are correct. Under traditional market circumstances the rise in interest rates which directly correlates or even directly causes the cost of borrowing to increase. But even so, we are not operating under normal market conditions.

Investors see this as a sign that markets are stabilizing. Here is the reasoning:
  • Governments have kept interest rates or the cost of borrowing down to record low levels because they want to inject supply into the credit or capital markets.
  • The Australia Government's decision to raise interest rates signals the confidence of improving markets in Australia and thus part of the international economy in which all investors are a part of.
The US interest rates or cost of debt has remained and is expected to remain at very low levels.