Monday, March 28, 2011

SEO Website Tip - Create Multiple Domains for Each User Language Common to Your Target Market

This is a seo tip for those niche sites with target markets across multiple languages and countries.

If you have a site topic that targets users across multiple languages and cultures you may want to create a separate site that is language specific for each applicable market of users.

To create a website that targets multiple languages and cultures you will want to have domains that are specific to those languages and countries. For instance you if France and French speaking users are a major target user than you will want to have your entire site translated to the French language and you want to have the content on a this is all in addition to your

The site content needs to be more than just auto translated through some sort of translation tool. To do this effectively you are going to need to have a human translate the content.

Don't go overboard with this idea. You don't need a .uk, .ca. and a .com version that is all in the same language. Not to mention the cost of this strategy is gonna cost so you are going to only want to create different language sites as these sites will be effective.

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