Tuesday, March 5, 2013


I have just returned this afternoon, jetlagged but happy, from what has been an incredible few days in Los Angeles with the pinnacle being the unveiling of the star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for the late great Richard Burton.

During the last couple of years, there have been many people who have been supportive of the campaign. All deserve thanks for their help.

First of all, to the Welsh Rugby Union who helped to launch the appeal for the Richard Burton Star back in February 2011 during the Wales vs England game and then hosted a fundraiser a couple of months later. They also put together the first video appeal which was shown at the stadium during the match.

To the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama, whose students helped to collect money at the Wales vs England rugby match in the pouring rain and who have been a constant source of support since, especially in arranging the reception in Hollywood on Friday to celebrate creative talent in Wales, an event which was supported by the Welsh Government. 

Also, the President of the College, Lord David Rowe Beddoe who, as a family friend of the Burtons, obtained the support of Kate Burton and others for the star and wrote the supporting letter on their behalf to the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce for the nomination in May 2011.

There are major thanks due, of course, to 20th Century Fox. The movie studio made a major contribution to the appeal which enabled us to be able to get everything together for March 1st. Also, to Ana Martinez of the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce who patiently guided us through the whole process and ensured everything went smoothly on the day.

Michael Sheen, by appearing at the first fundraiser in 2011 and then as the keynote speaker at the event on Friday, has been one of our biggest supporters. His speech on Hollywood Boulevard was a passionate tour de force which, as the video below shows, made us all proud to be Welsh.

Finally, to the Western Mail, especially Alan Edmunds and Karen Price.

Alan was the first person with whom I discussed this crazy idea and since then, has been 100 per cent supportive of the campaign since day one, making sure that the appeal for a Star for Burton has been prominent on the pages of the Western Mail.

Without all of your help, we would never have raised the funding necessary to honour Wales' greatest actor.

Thank you all! Diolch o galon!