Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Not Just On Thursday

. . .finding thankfulness in everyday. . .so much of our misery is rooted in ingratitude. Most of the time, even in the bleakest of circumstances, all it takes is a little refocusing and we can become thankful. . . 

but you don't see how demanding my job is;
yes but you are employed and are a unique contributor 

but you don't see how hectic and crazy home life is with kids;
yes, but you wanted and prayed for children, and they are a blessing

my husband lacks in so many areas, it's nearly impossible to love him;
I understand, but surely if you dig deep enough you will find value in him

living with chronic illness is extremely depressing;
yes, surely I can relate, but you are still living so you have a purpose

I'm tired of living "pay check to pay check";
I can see that, but you have a choice in the matter

I wish I had nicer things and a bigger house;
I can relate, but I am reminded that anything that can be bought, is 
pretty worthless anyway

I'm not in the spotlight, people don't know me;
but God not only sees you, He knows you

I didn't accomplish all I wanted to during the week;
goodness me, but what did you accomplish and who is keeping track?

I don't have enough friends;
I say start small and redirect your focus on the friend/s you do have

I have such a small family, I'm bitter because it's not bigger;
yes, but do you have family?

There is so much I want to do that I haven't;
well do you believe in dreams?

You don't see how lonely I am;
maybe not, but have you tried anything new?

But I don't have what she has;
ok, but what do you have?

Most of my life it's been a battle to remain thankful. So much of my life, like many, has not gone the way I imagined, hoped or envisioned. So much of life's pain has been thrown at me. It's a fight, but I have refused to let bitterness and resentments stick around for too long. Oh they make my heart heavy! I gladly replace those two with thankfulness and gratitude. When we find those living in our hearts instead of bitterness and resentment, we are lighter. We have a more open mind and heart. 

We become a more easy come, easy go person. 
We don't continue to hold on to what is keeping us from ingratitude.

We accept that in this life, we will not get what we want a lot of the time. We will be thrown curve balls. We will deal with hurts. And at times it will be torture. But if we stay on top of our hearts position amidst these times, I truly believe we will see and experience life differently. But it does take some work on our part to gain new perspectives. Let's face it, it can be effort to see good in this life. Sad, but true. 

The minute I take what's holding me down--and blocking gratitude--which is usually bitterness of some sort--I feel like I'm made new. I feel like I'm then operating out of the person I was made to be. The beauty of this is anyone can do it! Prisoners, soldiers, the dying, the living, anyone.

What, in your heart, can you turn around this Thursday?  I love the holiday, but thanksgiving needs to be in our hearts every single day! Not just once a year should we focus on being thankful. I surely know where my heart needs pruning. Come to think of it, I need to go find those shears.