Thursday, January 13, 2011


Excellent news today from Trojan Electronics, one of the 2010 Fast Growth 50 companies, regarding their plans to create an additional sixty jobs through their expansion.

What is not so edifying is the sight of the Welsh Assembly Government trying to claim some sort of credit for these jobs because they had partly funded the premises into which Trojan Electronics is expanding.

It is a shame that WAG was not so quick off the mark in congratulating Trojan and the other FG50 firms back in October 2010 when the 2010 list was announced. In contrast, the UK Government will be inviting the fifty firms to a Westminster reception to celebrate their success later this year.

Does this mean that the next time a private property developer has any new tenants within an office block in Cardiff, that they will also be claiming credit for the jobs created?

Are we now going to get a Ministerial press release every time a company uses any road paid for by WAG to deliver goods to a new customer?

To be honest, you can't blame them.

The Economy and Transport press office currently seems to be scraping around for any sort of news story to try and justify the poor economic record of this current government. Indeed, the whole department seems have done very little since July (when the Economic Renewal programme was launched) apart from reshuffle senior staff across responsibilities.

In fact, the only worthwhile stories they have to present (and ones which seem to be kept below the radar) are related to the last round of Single Investment Grants, a policy which has now been abolished by the Minister who is so keen to congratulate the companies receiving government support!