Wednesday, January 26, 2011


On Monday, I had a response to the Yes for Business article from the VoteNoWales2011 twitter that asked   "How many businesses in Wales support more powers?".

I naturally replied by asking "How many businesses in Wales are against more powers?".

Obviously without a detailed survey, that may be a difficult question to answer but it is worth noting what the FSB, which has 10,000 members in wales, said last year on the matter after a survey of their members, namely:

“Generally the FSB supports the transfer of power from Westminster to Cardiff Bay where it can be demonstrated that the powers would be used to benefit Welsh business. We would stress the importance of ensuring that the decisions made by the National Assembly for Wales should not put business in Wales at a disadvantage to counterparts in the rest of the UK."

Personally speaking, I feel that the Yes for Wales campaign has been weak in terms of explaining what further powers would do for the business sector in Wales. Certainly, it would seem its leading lights have largely ignored my article on the subject!! In addition, there has been some critique on the blogosphere regarding Peter Hain's hyperbole regarding further powers on the Welsh economy.

Yet, as I explained on Saturday, Wales may soon be able to create its own laws directly, laws that can, if properly enacted, create a real competitive advantage for Welsh business.

So, here is a challenge for anyone in business in Wales?

Let the Yes for Wales campaign know whether there is any current law that is negatively affecting your business or, better still, which could make your business more competitive, and how you would like that law changed for the better through the National Assembly for Wales.

That would demonstrate the real and tangible benefit of further powers for Wales and the Welsh economy.