Monday, July 5, 2010

Summer Block Buster Does it Right - Cameron and Tom Light It Up

So I have for a while now lost faith in the big screen. It just seemed that it was all about the quick money and not so much about the movie. The producers spend big on advertising and marketing talent and almost nothing on movie making talent. I hate that trend.

However I am glad to share that the action packed blockbuster known as "Knight and Day" has reawakened my soft side for shelling out $10.00 for a flick.

Mrs. Diaz was awesome and cruise was cool too. These guys really pulled it off together.

C. Diaz in small silver sexy bikini bottom

In fact the only true blockbuster in my opinion was Dark Knight. That was a hit and it was a hit because of that Joker. Damn if he wasn't absolutely brilliant in every imaginable meaning of the word. Shame that brilliance was snatched away in his passing. The whole situation kinda reminded me of the Crow.

Any how... Back on topic.

The alluring gaze of C. Diaz

Their are to many disappointments over the last few years to really dwell on.

So Cameron Diaz, my one wish if i was ever granted one. She was absolutely perfect in this action stuffed, meat and potatoes of a movie.
Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz on a Motorcycle

Why this thing is not being celebrated by everyone at this very moment is beyond me. I sure hope it is not because of old Tom Cruise who did a freaking wonderful job as always. I swear just cause the guy went crazy hyper on the Oprah Winfrey show and happens to like that damn church of Scientology doesn't mean he still can't make a dime a dozen script into one of the best most exciting and exhilarating feature flicks that you have seen since he came out with his last one.

I mean honestly does the guy make a bad movie? Has he ever? then show some freaking respect and get off the damn computer grab your kids and take them to that movie... do it know!

This thing between Cameron and Tom was magical. I mean I still am not over it. They were thrilling, sexy, heart breaking, outrageously funny, and refreshingly entertaining. Both of them. Separate, together, and in commute these guys were unstoppable.

The first scene on the plane was a crazy emotional roller coaster like no other opening i have ever seen.

You first are taken with Mrs. Diaz and her alluring innocence, and Tom brings you to this philosophical state. Then out of no where this looming paranoia, followed by action packed jolt that was over before it began. then Diaz leaves and separates so that now your attention is thrown back and forth between an oblivious and ever lovable Diaz which would have been funny too except that Tom stole the show in this bizarre comedy action packed scene in which by the time it was over everyone in the freaking plane was dead except for the two of them. Ohhhh ... I babel but its because i can't stand to give this thing away yet I just gotta write about it.

The movie is absolutely wonderful

The best movie since Independence Day.

(where the heck am I getting this stuff from?)

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