Saturday, July 10, 2010


I have recently discovered the joys of what is, in my opinion, simply the best blog in Wales.

Run by Anthony Brockway, Babylon Wales is a treasure trove of quirky facts about Wales and all things Welsh over the years.

Being a big fan of the "Hollywood Babylon" books of Kenneth Anger, this Welsh version is more accurate than its distant US relative and actually of far more interest than the sad decline of third rate American cinema actors and actresses.

It is a treasure trove that is delightful to read and prompts the inevitable "I didn't know that" on nearly every visit.

My particular favourites from last year include:
If there is one blog in Wales that is crying out to be made into a TV series, this is it.

In my humble opinion, BBC Wales should be beating a path to Anthony Brockway's door immediately with a very large cheque.

Babylon Wales - a national treasure.