Thursday, July 29, 2010


It would seem that my critique of the Economic Renewal Programme has elicited some interest on the blogosphere over the last few weeks, with over 5,000 visits to the site during the last month with around 8,000 pages viewed.

Given that I use this site to hone ideas for the weekly columns for the Western Mail and the Daily Post, I am very pleased that there is increased interest due to the commentary on the ERP, even if some of the traffic is coming from WAG itself, at least according to the statscounter.

I sincerely believe, in the absence of any serious discussion in the mainstream press, that we need a proper debate on this policy given the importance to Wales of these changes and I hope that these articles have stimulated some interest. They will continue both on this blog and in the newspaper columns.

However, I must reserve a special thanks to one particular viewer, or should I call him my No 1 fan.

Despite his insistence that no-one cares about this blog or my opinions, he continues to take the time to visit it and supply a rich vein of comments which include "idiot", "sad", "delusional" "pathetic" and "loser". 

Perhaps he should apply for a job working in the public relations department of WAG :)

I haven't a clue about the motivation of this person (mad, bad or dangerous to know?) but at least he has provided a source of daily amusement on my holidays when I manage to sign on to read the comments.

We have now even started a sweep to see how many times various words pop up in his comments by the end of the month. So with two days to go, don't let me down now.

As for everyone else, all comments are welcome and will be published.