Thursday, October 17, 2013

She Knows Now

When she was being used,
she now knows she was innocent,
and that her heart would become
extra tender in years to come.

When she was told she was too sensitive,
she later figured out that she was
not afraid to feel or get
involved in humanity.

When she was told she was too serious,
she discovered that really, she was full
of passion.

When she was ignored and avoided,
she soon realized she was taken for granted, 
and that that had no bearing on her

When she was told she talked too 
much and asked too many questions,
she learned the hard way that she
was an authentic soul to the core and
had a gift in relationships.

When others told her she 
was doing something scary or out
of the ordinary, 
she knows today that it was 
her love for helping others
that was coming through.

When she was told she was too fat, 
and not pretty enough,
she later discovered all
her worth was in her Jesus.
And knew that she was just right and
perfectly made.

When people told her she was
too loud,
she later realized it was 
because she was full of life
and excitable. 

When they pointed out that she would cry or laugh 
for no apparent reason,
she soon realized it was because 
of her ability to feel emotion, 
and express herself.

When they teased her for "soaking it all in",
she knew it was just an AWE-ness she had
and an appreciation for beauty. 

When someone rolled her eyes at her
and made her out to be some
sort of freak,
she knew, without a doubt
that she was misunderstood,
but that it didn't matter,
because she knew who she was.