Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Winter In Minnesota

Can you believe I got this shot of these love birds?! It was Valentine's Day too.

One of my favorite things I've done this winter is make friends with these guys, aren't they pretty? I took a drive right near my house, and stopped in wonder when I saw this lovely farm. It was so delightful, as I'm such a city girl. I parked my car right in front of the farm, on the side of the road and just stood out there in awe. A few minutes later the owner came out and introduced herself and invited me back anytime!
I've been enjoying stopping by and chatting with her and her horses.

Taking a crack at art journaling. I write every morning anyway, so I thought i'd see how this went. I liked it, but need to give it more time. The journal in this pic is falling a part, so I now have to start over.

Country roads near my house.

 Lots and lots of snow this winter, it's been beautiful!

Crafting and around the house...

Making a popcorn granny square afghan!

Made a little hat. By little I mean, that I thought I was making it for myself, turns out it's like a toddler size, oops!

Loving making dish cloths!


Knitting a scarf/shawl..

Madelynn received this for her birthday from her BF. It's painting of the two of them.

 Throwing Madelynn's birthday parties for her 18th were successful!

It's been bitter here you guys, just bitter. Below zero temps. Spring spring, where oh where art thou?

Nells has been keeping toasty and cozy.

Lots of reading and rest.

I splurged on a planner this year, by May Designs, I love it!

Madelynn and her Bf made the paper--they performed a song with cups. Ever seen this on youtube? It was really good.

Baking quite a bit, molasses cookies, divine.

Finally have my craft room put together a bit.

My husband's handy work--it's a Van gogh, he's so good, huh?

A little re-arranging in the living room.

Lots of tea! My fave? Yorkshire Gold. Thee best! Cream and sugar please!

And Minnesota delivers nothing short of beautiful scenery, even in frigid temps.

She sits on my doorstep, it was a beloved gift from my BF.

I know, I know.

 She is never too old for a Valentine.

She's looking so grown up to me now. Full blown. Wow.

Learning to embrace having an adult child. Oh the weight, oh my heart.

 Winter essentials.

 Light in the morning window.

Rabbit feet in my yard.

Nells likes the sunlight too.

Madelynn playing her big instrument. Proud of this girl to stick it out throughout HS.

 Coffee with my mom.

Cherishing the last months with this girl home.