Saturday, December 11, 2010

Warren Buffett - Talking Plain Sense to the Plain Dumb

This is a interview with Warren Buffett.

He has made numerous pleas, public appearances, self-less efforts, a rich man's challenge that has gone unanswered, and campaigned tirelessly to no avail.

Shame on us.

Please allow me to explain.

The Bush tax cuts have been quite a controversy in congress. I have posted on the topic a few times. Just the same the conflict is this.

The Bush tax cuts are set to expire. Obama as well as most of the democratic party have fought tooth and nail to keep the tax cuts for the middle class or 97% of the American people. However the Republican party and the republican voters have been opposed to getting rid of the Bush tax cuts for the very rich.

Despite the very rich, the top 3%, already paying proportionately lower levels of taxes then the poor and middle class, they think the rich deserve to pay less then everyone in our country's time of need.

Here are the highlights of the vid you need to understand.

Buffett Internal Office Poll

Buffett asked the 18 employees in his executive office (assistant, receptionist, janitor, everyone he sees on a daily basis) to partake in a survey of personal tax rates. 15 participated. Including Buffet there was 16.

Out of the 15 participants the mean (average) tax rate was 32.9% of income. About 1/3 of their total income goes to taxes.

Warren Buffett paid a tax rate of 17.2%. Warren admitted that he does not pay a tax guy or accountant.

His employees pay over a 90% higher tax rate. 90 plus percent. There is no one in his office that pays a lower tax rate then the second richest man in the world. It is this privilege that is being protected by the republicans and the republican voters.

Warren Buffett Campaigned for The Middle Class

Warren took an initiative, a self-less initiative to campaign against the current corrupt system. He has made numerous public appearances via interviews, talks, and the like to try and educate the American people of this unjust tax system.

Yet FOX News has got their viewers trained. He was unable to convince the Republican middle class to support a middle class tax break and a wealthy class increase that would barely put them even with the middle class. I just don't get you people. I use to think it was sad.


I just don't like you guys.

Warren's Challenge to The Rich.

Warren offered a 1,000,000.00 dollar prize to any billionaire that could prove that they paid a larger tax rate then their office assistant.

No one could. NO ONE!

What is it... what is it that you people don't get? Make no mistake... It is you.

97% of us were going to get a tax break and finally make the rich pay at least the same amount as us. They should be paying tons more. But instead you choose to carry this burden on your own back. I wish I could do more to separate myself from you people. You are destroying your own country because you have to watch FOX.

This is what really gets me. After reading this post you will still feel you have made the right decision. I am so upset and disappointed with each and every one of you, me, and the United States of America. We don't deserve to make any decisions. We don't deserve to be a superpower. We are idiots. You people who voted for your republican congress and have given Obama nothing but crap for trying to stick up for you. You are an idiot.

Watch it for yourself. You have nothing to say. It is over. Don't you dare comment here if you are a republican FOX News watcher.

If your in the top 3% then by all means speak your mind. You, after all, are a freaking genious. I have to hand it to the rich, the lobbyist, and the republican politicians. You guys are obviously right. We don't deserve it.

here is the video...

I am so ashamed... I don't think I could look Obama or Warren in the eye at this point.

I am so sorry, forgive us.

- Finance Guy