Saturday, July 6, 2013

A Glimpse

What a whirlwind my life has been the last several months, but I thought I'd consolidate the best way I know how! So here is 1-5 of what's been going on in my world.

1. Spring (and summer) came to Minnesota! We literally had a snowstorm the first week of May, it was crazy! Beautiful, but crazy. And a mess. I think we were all convinced it would pass us by this year. But low and behold, it arrived. . .

 Since this year has been so busy, I rested when I could, especially before it got warm outside. Several of my days looked like this.

 My daughter will be attending Winona State University (yep, home of Winona Ryder ;) in the Fall. We had a chance to go visit and walk around a bit.

 See, see, spring!!!

 Out my window

I got the most beautiful bouquet of flowers the morning of Madelynn's graduation party. Most thoughtful gift I've practically ever received from a friend.

Went to the National Eagle Center in Wabasha, MN

Do you get Peonies where you live?

Nells is doing great!

Been hanging out and being blessed by some Young Life girls. Oh they are precious to me.

Making sure to always treat myself to little pleasures.

Again, do you get Peonies where you live?

At the Eagle center with the In-Laws; we are in a giant nest! As big as a hot tub.

 This summer Minnesota has delivered quite the sunsets and pink skies. I have been goo goo ga ga over them.

Getting out and visiting these guys makes me so happy.

 Neighborhood streets.

 Day trip to Stockholm, Wi.
Quaint and lovely.

 We were blessed to have Robin's again this year!

 I look forward to my Lily of The Valley every May. They were 3 weeks late this year!
Worth the wait.

 Finally got to sit outside and eat!

 Front yard potting. And my helper.

 Walks and catch.

 I got to get all dressed up and go to a bachelorette party!
And her wedding.

Bride and I being silly the day before her wedding!

 More resting days.

 When it first started getting warm to the point that we could finally open our windows, Nells was in heaven! He stood amazed and all the sounds and smells of the air!

 I thrifted a new chair!

 Madelynn took the day off so she could spend Mother's Day with me. It was a fun day.

We went and spent some time with my mom, my sister and niece. Cherished time!

 Madelynn was invited to Awards night at the High School and was awarded 4 achievement awards and 3 scholarship's! I was beaming.

 One of his last trips to pick up sissy from school. Lots of "lasts" this year.

Last choir concert ever, bravo! We were all in tears.

2. Senior Prom happened.

3. I "graduated" from my training in Lay Counseling, so I am now officially a Lay Counselor! I'm already seeing a client and it feels natural!

 One of the books we had to read--AHmazing.

 Studying for our last test with a friend.

My husband and family threw a little congratulatory surprise dinner for me, how sweet.

A bunch of us from our class at a wedding in June--we had such a special, close knit class. Love them so much.

4. Still getting my craft on!
 I am having a blast making these bracelets, here is the pattern if you are interested: crocheted bracelet.

 Creating and planning for my daughter's grad party!

 I made this "13" board for the grad party full of "pre-digital" time photos-I love how it turned out!

 My afghan is coming along nicely, I want it done by Fall!

 Paper doily banners for grad decorations.



 The start of a new afghan!

 I am hoping to open an Etsy shop come September or October!

 Lace bookmark, what took me so long to think of it?!

Thee best coconut pound cake, THE best. Recipe!

 Creating on Vintique!

Signage and goodies for grad party.

More creating on Vintique.

I know I know, I need a manicure.

More bracelets

and finally number 5., last but not least my daughter graduated from High School!!!

Seeing this laying on my island the morning of graduation was bizarre. 

Excited graduate!

Ya, I have "that" kid.

Watching my baby graduate. Full of emotion.

When I saw her come toward me on the field afterwards, I was stunned. I was nervous because all I could see when I looked into her eyes was this 4 year old, going off to Pre-K. She still has those same eyes, ya know. I would relate a lot of this time of year to my wedding.

Such a surreal moment. So many feelings. So many people. Such a long awaited celebration.

I must say we had the most beautiful cakes!

Cake table! My MIL made the tablecloth, isn't it gorgeous? I made the banners and the chalkboard.

The centerpieces. I made the mason jars with lace. And a friend of mine, Sunny, made the photo circles and quotes. Sunny by design. You would not believe how she has blessed me in this season. Making everything from invites, thank you's, paper banners, food flags etc...she was amazing and I am in complete AWE of her.

Creating her "memorial"!

Yes we had rain for the first hour but this Momma refused to let that bring her down!

Lots of sweets!

Decorating in the rain.

What a time this year has been. After the graduation party, I looked around at 9pm, and thought, "now what"? I froze. I couldn't clean or pick up a thing. I was numb for days, weeks actually. I finally just started snapping out of it last week. I'm so thankful for all the help I received; I have the best family and friends. Don't we all? How grateful I am for that. The immense emotion that I felt I just didn't expect. Seeing old friends, seeing family I hadn't seen in so long. A good friend said she thought it was adrenaline that saved me; that that's what got me through the day. What a heavy weight! A total whirlwind and roller coaster. That's why it reminds me of something similar to a wedding. Seeing guests, tons of gifts, so much preparation, a happy couple or person of the hour, (we were all really really happy),  and then BAM, it's over. Another chapter closed but many many more that will open. Thanks for being on the journey with me and for encouraging me, I love your support!