Tuesday, April 23, 2013


During the visit to Hollywood last month, I had the chance to catch up again with Cardiff City fanatic and Superted creator Mike Young. Through his new company Moonscoop, he has helped to create Kabillion, an interactive, multi-platform kids' entertainment channel.

The innovation is not in the programming itself, which is in itself both innovative and high quality. Instead, it is the fact that Kabillion is available both as a free video on demand (VOD) channel currently available on Comcast, Time Warner Cable, Charter Communications, and Optimum West digital cable systems across the United States, a free online broadband site offering streaming video and, until the site's relaunch, an online community—all designed for a key demographic of kids from 6 to 12.

Mike sent me this last night to demonstrate what is being developed on the Kabillion TV channel in the US and Kabillion On-line. Hopefully, through Mike and his companies, Wales and our creative industries sector will be able to capitalise on this development in the future.