Thursday, April 19, 2012


Having been in Finland for the past few days,  I managed to catch up with a former flatmate from Dublin, Jonne Saivosalmi, who now runs a company called Place Marketing, a media company that focus on promoting towns and regions in Finland.

Some of the work they do is groundbreaking and I would love to see them pitch for work in Wales, especially given their quirky and innovative approach which is a million miles away from the advertising usually procured by Welsh organisations.

Take, for example, their campaign to promote higher education to overseas students in Oulu in Northern Finland. 

Not an easy sell, I can assure you, but they bring it off perfectly for their target market as the videos below demonstrate.

1. Jason from Oulu on Vimeo.

Yu-hsuan from Oulu on Vimeo.

Gisbert from Oulu on Vimeo.

Shanila from Oulu on Vimeo.