Sunday, October 9, 2011


The last six months have been exceptionally busy on the day job, which is why I haven't been blogging as often as I should have.

More relevantly, I never had any time in the evenings to look after the management of the blog itself, which is why I decided to stop accepting comments altogether in April as moderating them took so much time (and I just never got round to changing the settings back on blogger).

With Welsh political coverage on the BBC being reduced, could the death and influence of the blog have been exaggerated? Fortunately, I am pleased to note that the Welsh blogosphere remains a healthy place for political, economic and social commentary on vital matters of the day.

There is the Uber-blog known as WalesHome but also blogging veterans from across the political sphere such as Glyn Davies, Valleys Mam, BorthlasPeter Black and Blog Menai, all of which make a real contribution to debate and discourse. There are also newer ones who are as good as anything you find across the border, such as Syniadau, A Change of Personnel, Jac o' the North and the Druid of Anglesey.

God damn it, I even miss Welsh Ramblings!

So, I have decided to make one last effort at keeping this blog up and running. The look has changed slightly but the comments are now open.

The views are all mine, as usual, and if you don't like them....