Thursday, June 16, 2011


Currently in my favourite European city, Stockholm, where I am presenting a refereed paper at the International Council for Small Business World conference with my colleague and good friend Professor Magnus Klofsten of Linkoping University.

We have been working on it for the last six months and it probably still needs a bit of work over the summer to get it ready for a decent journal. Hopefully, comments from the session will help that process.

And just to make sure that the organisers get their pound of flesh for my three day visit, I have also been asked to be a panelist on three workshops. The first two, on enterprise education and regional development are well within my area but the third, on entrepreneurship in the European Space Industry, is pushing the comfort zone!

According to the workshop organisers - Spaceport Sweden -  this workshop will focus on the  development and cross-fertilisation of the space and creative industries create unforseen opportunities for service innovation, cluster cooperation and entrepreneurship in the global economy. It aims to engage the audience in a discussion about the vast opportunities cross-fertilizing the both industries to create new products and services globally. If nothing else, it will be interesting!

Therefore, looking forward immensely, not only to catch up with old friends from across the World, but to get some time to see the fantastic city of Stockholm.

See below for what you are missing!