Thursday, May 26, 2011


Have just arrived in Tunisia to undertake a couple of days of interesting work with the OECD, which has been tasked with examining entrepreneurship within the university sector.

More specifically, the Ministry of Education and Research has asked the OECD to review five Higher Education Institutions – one virtual university, three full universities and one vocational education provider. This includes a questionnaire-based survey of all higher education institutions in Tunisia., followed by a country-level assessment of graduate entrepreneurship support.

It will be an intensive couple of days in a hotel in Hammamet before leaving on Saturday morning for a nine hour journey home via Lyon and Amsterdam! At least I have the cricket to look forward to on Sunday (assuming the weather in Cardiff is similar to what we have in Hammamet!)

The two days will consist of detailed workshops with the rectors of the Universities, business start-up providers and representatives from two ministries. Having undertaken research in this area in Europe and the USA, this is the first time I have worked in North Africa, and it will be fascinating to compare what is going in Tunisia with the European and American experience.