Monday, June 14, 2010


....comes from Thomas Friedman, the US business columnist.

Writing in the New York Times about what can be done to create jobs that will drag the US economy back into growth, he states,

“Good jobs, in bulk, don’t come from government. They come from risk-takers starting businesses, businesses that make people’s lives healthier, more productive, more comfortable or more entertained, with services and products that can be sold around the world.”

Quoting one of the leading innovation specialists in the World, he goes on to state that this could be one of the best time for innovators for three main reasons:

“First, although competition is increasingly intense, our global economy opens up huge new market opportunities. Second, most technologies — since they are increasingly based on ideas and bits and not on atoms and muscle — are improving at rapid, exponential rates. And third, these two forces — huge, competitive markets and rapid technological change — are opening up one major new opportunity after another. It is a time of abundance, not scarcity — assuming we do the right things with a real national growth strategy. If we do not, it rapidly becomes a world of scarcity.”

It is also worth reading the comments section of the article - full of passion, debate and knowledge that puts the comments sections of UK papers to shame.