Tuesday, May 11, 2010


So there we have it.

David Cameron is Prime Minister after several days of detailed negotiations between the two major parties that actually gained votes during the general election last Thursday.

Any other outcome, despite the political punditry, would have been a travesty of the overall result, regardless of the fact that not one party gained an overall majority.

I wouldn't say that some of my best friends are Liberal Democrats but a number of their policies on low taxation and civil liberties would be on my list of urgent matters for this country to deal with immediately if we are to mend a broken economy and a broken society.

Could this new government end up being the most radical and progressive of recent years?

I suppose it depends what you define as progressive but David Cameron's political instincts are ones that could, and should, make a real and positive difference to this country's future. It certainly will be more progressive than the last Labour government.

Whilst there is this impression amongst the press that the Conservative Party has not changed during the last thirteen years I, and many others, know differently and I believe that this new government will surprise many people during the next four years.

p.s. There is one additional delight this evening. Hopefully, no-one in Wales will have to listen to Peter Hain's pious pontifications for a very long time. Thank the Lord.