Thursday, April 22, 2010 - Tagging the Net – One “Like” Button at a Time has and will continue to connect people, places, and things. They now plan to unveil a new simple gizmo that will add websites and web pages to that list. Face Book is providing a free tool to websites every where called a “Like Button”.

What is the Like Button?

The “Like Button” is a button that will be featured on a web page that allows the user to simply click and the link with some sort of teaser summary to and of the web page will be posted automatically to the users face book page profile and the news feed you always encounter.

Sound Small and Simple?

How satisfying is that never ending stream of friend requests from folks of the past?

There is at least 400 million users out there who know what I am talking about. 400 million is a big number. To put that in perspective the population of the United States is just above 300 million. To add even more perspective consider the following (employers with internet accessible work environments may want to look away)… these users are on face book an average of 3 1/3 entire days on!! This is the equivalent of two weeks of a full time job with zero lunch breaks.

Now just imagine the traffic surge this tool can provide both Face Book and the off-site websites. This will have a big impact.

I think that this will help boost advertiser interests in using as a advertising medium and should eventually boost ad revenue indirectly. Only one billion plus in revenue is expected from in 2010.

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