Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Interesting Quarterly Results Announced By Yahoo

Yahoo, a Internet search engine, advertising, and content provider, announced some very interesting results for their quarterly earnings.

Here are some Highlights From Yahoo's Quarterly Earnings:

  • For starters, some bad news, revenues were down 12% (to 1.54 billion) compared to the same quarter last year.
  • Earnings However, some great news, tripled up more then 300% to 186 million approximately or .13 cents a share. That compared to 4 cents a share.

So you may be asking yourself how is that even possible given that revenue was down so steeply? Well the answer in short is simple, at least in my opinion. I believe the shift in management is 100% of the efficiency and effectiveness of the operations and business model improvements which I also suspect has just begun. More specifically the brains behind all this is none other then Carol Bartz.

Ms. Bartz is a proven CEO who was made Yahoo's Chief Executive at the start of the year. I can only imagine her first reactions to the horrifying mess and chaotic operations model of the Internet giant in early January. But being the dignified all business executive that she is it seems as if she is whipping yahoo operations into shape. She has been cutting expenses left and right. She is selling parts of yahoo that don't fit the overall corporate objectives and model. Carol seems determined, and I see no signs of her stopping, as she will drop kick anything or anyone who stands in the way (inside joke).

On another note i wanted to let all my readers know that I am working on a article about the search advertising agreement between Yahoo and Microsoft's Bing.